January 27, 2017


Very Progressive idea from my friend Vaneik: “Got to write down everyone that supports him…AND THEN CUT THEM OFF. We need acts. Republicans oppress, Democrats sit on you so that you’re far up their asses. Ok. Now what? I say abandon the Democrats. They don’t have the power of the popular vote- contrary to what we’re being told. Hillary DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE. Abstainers and third party voters did. The overwhelming voting populace actively voted AGAINST both Trump and Clinton.

We also reach out to the currently stunned average blue-collar, working class, and poor white voter that is having their lunch of fuck-you served to them and we look at them with compassion and offer them our help. We will do this for refugees of other nations and we should do these for refugees of this ghastly election. Hurricanes just tore through the Midwest leaving thousands of of white Trump voters in a state of emergency. We help them and we give information. They might be hostile, but they’re broken right now. Now is the time to offer them food and shelter and information outside of the right wing media and those charlatans that preach how to hate from a pulpit that sits under a a fake white Jesus. Out of our comfort zones, out of our echo chambers.” 

This is a tangible action. We the people help each other. 

And another: Call your senator to tell them to revote on Sessions, block Tillerson and DeVos.

From the Santa Cruz Action Network:
At the request of the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux nation, I sent the email below (in quotes) to the official at the Army Corps of Engineers responsible for the project.
Please send an email like this,  about the Dakota Access Pipeline, to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, at:
I am concerned about the vast and dire consequences that potential leaks at the proposed Lake Oahe crossing will have on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s treaty rights and urge the Army Corps to look at routing alternatives. I will not be silenced.

‘I protest the illegal early closing of the official comments on the EIS for the project.  This should & no doubt will be challenged in court.
Take the pledge to stand up for Standing Rock.
Sign the petition to urge Democrats to stand up against budget cuts.
From the #FightTrump crew:
“Up First: Betsy DeVos, Trump’s spectacularly unqualified candidate for Secretary of Education. Sadly that doesn’t necessarily set her apart from other Trump nominations, but her first nomination hearing did not go well. She was unable to answer basic questions about education policy, but did announce her opinion that people should be allowed to bring guns into schools because of grizzly bear attacks (I wish we were making this up. We are not). She also has an enormous potential for financial conflicts of interest, with 102 problematic conflicts already identified. Her hearing has been postponed to wrap up on January 31st. So for your first action today, we’re asking you to call your Senators and tell them that Betsy DeVos absolutely must not be confirmed at Secretary of Education.

  1. Find the number for your senator here

  2. Call during business hours.

  3. Use the following example script:

Hello. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent of [Senator____]. I’m calling because I’m concerned about the nomination of Betty DeVos as Education Secretary.

It is clear that Devos has a severe lack of knowledge in America’s public school systems or any viable plan for how to improve them.

The majority of America’s  school children attend public schools. We cannot leave their futures and the future of our country in the hands of a woman whose ideas to privatize school funding have already left the state of Michigan and its children in shambles.  Her financial conflicts of interest are also staggering.

I urge [Senator  __] to use his/her voice in Congress over the coming week to make clear that Betty DeVos should not be confirmed, and that President Trump should nominate a new, more qualified person for the position of Education Secretary. The future of our country is depending on our vote. Thank you for your time.”


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