Winter Solstice Actions

Hi friends, I wanted to take this morning to reflect on this day, our shortest, a day of reflection and rest, a day to honor the darkness, the unknown. I am sure you, like me, are feeling hopeless, and a touch unclear about how to proceed, and more importantly, how our country with survive this new regime.

I want to urge you during these next ten-twelve days to spend some time quietly thinking about the country you want the US to be. None of us were content with the status quo before Trump was elected, but many of us sat quietly and watched the horrors on our streets every day. We watched cops kill innocent black people; we watched companies taint our environment; we watched our migrant farmworkers pick strawberries for next to no money; we watched our parents unable to pay their health care costs, or worse, losing their houses. We watched our children stumble through mediocre education in their public schools. We watched the world pass while our noses were buried in our phones, counting our likes, and not liking anyone in our real communities. We watched the rich get richer, while the rest of us busted our asses to actually put food on the table–and if you are like me, you put most of your cash into buying organic, sustainable and local food, which we all know should be cheaper than foods pumped with pesticides.

So now we have a chance to fight for the country we wish we had–the country that boasts equality, kindness, diversity, freedom. But we each need to do our part. And this work needs to start as soon as Trump steps into the Oval Office. That work needs to start at home. First on our streets, and then in our neighborhoods, our cities, and our states.

Know your neighbors. Take some time to talk to them, and remind them that you are on their side.

Go to a City Council meeting and witness what your elected officials in your town are working towards–is this aligned with what you think is important? If not, then gather with your neighbors and talk about what you wish your council-members should tackle.

Donate at least a portion of your day toward helping, giving, kindness. This can be a simple act, like holding a door open, or volunteering at your kid’s school, or a bigger one, like spending an afternoon working at the food bank.

Reposition yourself to work to do the best good that aligns most with your values. If environmental catastrophe most scares you, then how can you specifically take action to fight your community’s unsustainable ways?

Educate yourself. Sign up for digital subscriptions to the Washington Post, Guardian UK, and even the NY Times. Then spend some time each day–limit your time, this can be a vacuum–reading other news sources listed on this site.

Listen to other people. Clearly none of us has the answers. We need to hear what people are saying and working together instead of always needing to be right.

Work together. When we gather, which we should do a lot, use the collective intelligence to create small actions. Big changes. There will be challenges, like this, but in the end, we can stand strong and fight, if we stand together.

Celebrate good news. This week I spent time talking to ancient hula practitioners in Oahu and their stories all talk about how togetherness and sharing our stories allow us to stay strong. Our culture and strength with stay strong, but we must not forget to honor our wins as well as lamenting our losses.

You’ll find more ways to oppose Trump here. But the most important lesson we can do is echo John Oliver’s sentiment that THIS IS NOT NORMAL. And we must not normalize this situation in any way. I mean, Sylvester Stallone in the cabinet? The CEO of Exxon? A Secretary of Education looking to unravel public schools?


More Actions:

Here’s a practical guide to actions you can take to resist.

Another East Action: Very easy action against Trump as the Executive Producer of The Celebrity Apprentice – takes 2 minutes. It’s unlikely but still possible that Trump could make decisions about the show (and therefore NBC’s revenue) based on how NBC news stations portray his presidency. The more complaints NBC gets, the more the public hears about Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Couldn’t find direct email addresses or phone numbers, so I went to and filled out the form.
Subject – click “I have feedback on NBC programming”
Show – click “The Celebrity Apprentice”
Subject – click “I have a complaint or concern”


I am writing to express concern and alarm that President-Elect Trump will be staying on as Executive Producer of The Celebrity Apprentice. The fact that the President of the United States and leader of the free world will be collecting a paycheck from one of the nation’s largest news organizations is highly unethical and dangerous for democracy. For the sake of the freedom of the press, I ask that NBC either cancel the show or nullify Mr. Trump’s contract.

Thank you,
(Your Name)


Have a good holiday with your families. Enjoy the Solstice.


2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Actions

  1. I loved this piece thank you for running me through what I can do and just perspective and for focusing on WHAT media people can trust because people are having serious source issues these days


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