Readings and Actions: December 15, 2016


From Taj James: 

Expect the unexpected! Many people thought it was impossible for Trump to win the Electoral College poll and were shocked and horrified when it appeared he may have. Upon closer investigation, his slim lead in the Electoral College has been erased when accounting for the impact of voter suppression, and FBI and Russian intervention affect the outcome. The only crime is that the recounts have been halted and a national audit of the vote has not yet been conducted. The election has no legitimacy without those two steps.

But mostly, the thing to remember is that it seemed unlikely he could get this far. Now with the new information coming in about the Russian role, things that seemed impossible are starting to seem more very likely.

This is a fluid situation and the most effective thing we can do is not indulge our pessimism or simply restate our sense of what is currently possible. Our task is to act boldly to stretch and change the nature of the possible.

Many unexpected and improbable things have already happened and many more will happen over the next few weeks and months.

By telling bold narratives about what SHOULD happen: what is true and just and legal and fair – it makes those outcomes more likely.

This is the time to be ready to leap through small windows to a better path when they open themselves up.

Thank you for being the army of the ready and willing!

So if anyone tells you that it is impossible to keep him out of the White House – remind them of that. This is one of the most fluid moments in our nation’s history. The future will be determined by the bold and the unreasonable, so be unreasonable!


Action Alert: In a live Facebook session yesterday, Hamilton Electors said that at this point what’s needed aren’t more letters and emails to the electors. Though if you want to contact them, click here.

Instead:Contact the U.S. Attorney General and ask that the Electoral College vote be postponed until a full investigation of Russian interference and the Trump campaign’s potential coordination with Russia is complete.

You can reach the Attorney General’s office at 202-514-2000 (Comment line…press 4). Keep it short: Name, US Citizen, where you reside, postpone Electoral College vote pending Russia investigation.

Stop Tillerson’s appointment, here.


Here’s our plan to stop the Climate Denier Cabinet:

  • Between now and Tuesday, make as much noise as we can, so that we can deliver a big message to his transition headquarters.
  • January 3rd, the first day that the new Senate takes office, make thousands of phone calls to every Senator telling them to vote against the Denier Cabinet.
  • The following week, take to the streets in all 50 states to oppose their nominations.
  • Fill the digital airwaves with ads calling out Senators who say they agree with climate science, but still support Trump’s climate denying cabinet.
  • Fight like hell at every stage – we’re not going to make his job easy.

Washington needs to see that the majority of people in this country oppose Trump’s reckless agenda, and that a vote for his nominees is a vote for climate denial.




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