Actions: December 6, 2016

  1. Ask Obama to declassify all information pertaining to foreign interference in the 2016 election.
  2. Many electors are saying they will not vote for Trump. Write letters to ask more to save our democracy.
  3. Sign up for this new action organization for actions delivered to your inbox.
  4. Another resistance organization boasting tangible action you can take daily, weekly, monthly.
  5. And yet another site offering weekly acts of resistance.
  6. Ask the electoral college to make Hillary Clinton president.
  7. From Daily Kos: Last week, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand laid down a clear marker: She’ll filibuster the waiver that retired Gen. James Mattis would need in order to serve as secretary of defense during Trump’s administration.  A 70-year-old federal law bars retired members of the military from holding senior defense posts if they’ve served on active duty within the last seven years. Mattis retired only three years ago and thus requires a special waiver to pass both houses of Congress.
    While the filibuster for cabinet appointees was eliminated a few years back, meaning a nominee can be confirmed with just 50 votes in the Senate, the waiver Mattis requires is subject to a filibuster. Mattis would therefore need 60 votes in order to become secretary of defense—so he’d need the support of at least eight Democrats to overcome a filibuster.
    Call Senator Dianne Feinstein at (202) 224-3841. Tell them to filibuster the waiver Gen. Mattis needs to become secretary of defense.

    Sample script:

    Hi, I’m (say your name) from (say from where you’re calling). I’m calling today to urge my senator to filibuster the waiver Gen. Mattis needs to become secretary of defense. Civilian control of the military is a bedrock foundation of any democracy, and it’s more important than ever to uphold it now that we have a president-elect dead set on eroding constitutional norms. Thank you.

    Once you’ve placed the call, please click here to tell us how it went.

  8. Send a message to block the Exxon CEO as a candidate for secretary of state.


News of the day: [NOTE: I realize these are all liberal sites. I have been searching for any conservative news that seems to offer a balanced perspective, or fact-based information and I am coming up with slim pickings. Anyone find anything of interest?]


2 thoughts on “Actions: December 6, 2016

  1. Michele, is there a way to have this blog as a link that I can post on a FB group I’m in, so others can also have your action items? Lorne


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