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From Rebecca Solnit on Facebook. She is an amazing writer and someone to follow on Facebook.

#dailydemocracydefense #day5 You never know what will happen. Standing Rock: how many people said they could never halt the pipeline? It’s not definitively and permanently stopped, but yesterday was a huge victory for the Standing Rock Sioux, for indigenous sovereignty, for the protection of water, and for the power of ordinary people come together in nonviolent resistance.
Or rather, you never know what we can make happen, because without those passionately committed thousands standing up for their beliefs, even when the odds seemed impossible, the pipeline would have been finished months ago. We make history. It’s hard work, but sometimes we win. If we show up, if we try. The great paradox we face now is: we can stop Trump, but only if enough people believe it and act on that belief, only if we seize our democracy and make it work—to protect our ideals, our beloved communities, our vulnerable populations, our future.
We’re asking you to do something daily to defend democracy and stop Trump in the days leading up to December 19, when the electoral college meets. Today, we aren’t asking you to donate or sign a petition or make a phone call. We are asking you to start thinking about showing up at statehouses all over the United States, a week from today, December 12. We’re organizing peaceful gatherings, or asking you to, on statehouse steps to share a vision for how this country can bring to life the unrealized promise of democracy, exactly when it is facing a threat unlike any that has come before. How can we make a leap forward at the very moment that a small minority of hateful leaders are trying to take us back in time?

If you can organize your caravan, buy your bus or plane tickets, book those hotel rooms or find a couch to surf, start now! The future of our democracy depends on us showing up in large numbers where the fate of our country will be decided.

Here’s the schedule:
December 12th – Reading of the Declaration of Interdependence: Defending and Expanding Our Democracy – At a statehouse near you!. We’re going there to tell the electors in the electoral colleges (which meet in our nation’s fifty state capitols) why they must not choose Trump. Can you go? Can you organize a group, signs, transport? Let us know.

December 18th – 5:00PM Candlelight Vigils in support of our Hamilton Electors who are committing to vote their conscience and defend the Constitution and protect the Republic from the greatest threat it has ever faced

December 19th – 8:00am – Protect Our Democracy and Defend the Constitution Rallies at a State House near you, where the 538 members of the electoral college will meet to choose the next president of the United States.

Make your plans, tell your friends, pack your bags! Call in sick from work! Our participation on these three days could dramatically the course of the next 4 to 8 years – but only if enough of us show up.


Communicate with your congresspeople!

Another Action to Support the Fight Against Injustice: Join Shaun King’s Injustice Boycott.

View story at

View story at

Boycott excessive holiday gifts and sign up to fight injustice here.

Sign the petition to get Facebook to stop censoring activists.




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